She at times also adapt to special interest news and information type formats that focus on such subjects as economics, sports, homemaking, fashions, personal psychology, home repair, literature, and cooking. Entertainment talk shows are represented by a similarly limited number of formats. Please click here for more information.
        I Take GREAT Pride In What I do ... 
A talk show can be viewed as a literary narrative, or at times, as a social text. Forte recognizes the confidence that a public puts on her to bring forth the truth and to explore the tough and sensitive topics.
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N The Know with Moe
Maureen Forte 
Talk show host represent a potpourri of styles and approaches, the number of "good" talk show host is actually quite limited. Maureen Forte "Moe," host and producer of N The Know with Moe, Talk Radio and co-host of that fame cable TV weekly talk show, "Voices of Mass Discussion," offer a general interest of soft news talk show that mixes entertainment, news and public affraids. Which can also be built around a single topic, designed to fit a magazine multiple topic format, or even a one-on-one host and guest interview.                                                                                     Please click here for more information.
Author, Sharon Carson
"Think Like A Lady, Act Like A Man"
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