Al Riley, State Representative, 38th District
was named
"Legislator of the Year"
by the
IL Association of County Board Members & Commissioners

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                                                                            Ed Bradley
University Park resident, Mr. Ed Bradley, has decided to once again join the political fray. Yet, this time he will be the candidate running to be the next Will County Sheriff, durung the last election he was the campaign manager and his candidate came in extremely close to the finish line. He feels that now it is his turn to get in and complete what he had started, to get the job done and become the voice for the "least of thee."

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"Voices of Mass Discussion"
Riley Fights For Our Fair Share.
A fair assumption when we are asked to go to the poll and vote is that the candidates intent is to vote in the best interst of its constituents. It is easy for many of us to second guest the decisions of those challenged with the decisions. I speak for myself when I say that I love politics, but, cannot stand a politician. State Representative, Al Riley seem to work diligently for that in which he believe to be beneficial. So far he has secured more than $130 million in funding for local capital projects and stimulus as well as his fight for equal funding for our schools (HB 174). It is also known that he stood up against efforts to impose deep cuts to local human service programs.
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Commissioner Deborah Sims, the penny vs. the principal of it all ...
In politics as with many walks of life often time it comes down to the principal more so than the practical. Who really ever know what is right or wrong, but, Commissioner Deborah Sims of the 5th District recent vote is not being regarded as one of her better decisions. It is never ok for a person to be offended, threatened nor intimidated because they make a decision contrary to your own thoughts, while by the same token it should never be ok for our elected officials to vote based on friendship or the old boy of just concept of "going along to get along." Sims contents that her vote was based her own due diligence with the best interest of her district at the forefront of her vote.
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Don't Be Afraid To Give Up The Good To Go For The Great.