As a highly trained photographer we are able to see a picture that the untrained or untalented eye may simply pass over. Much of the work that I undertake as a journalist is freelance. Photojournalism is seen by many as a very exciting career. As a photojournalist I credit myself as changing the way people see beauty. 
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              I Take Pride In What I do ... 
The most exciting part of being a media photographer is that I have the opportunity to meet great people and witness events first hand. As a photojournalist there is the awesome responsibility of recording the history of a community, perhaps the world, from my very own perspective. My photo's are used and appreciated by local newspapers, magazines, publishers and at times authors for the stories that they are attempting to portrait. 
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This is me, Ms. Rhonda B.
                                                                                    The Life of A Photojournalist
As with many artistic visions, at times it is difficult as a photographic journalist to make a living doing such. A journalist tells stories. A photographer takes pictures of nouns (people, places and things). A photojournalist takes the best of both and locks it into the most powerful medium available --
a single frozen image.
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This is me, Ms. Rhonda B., I am an educator, motivator and just an all around communicator. As a photojournalist I often use pictures instead of words to tell a story. I take great pride in having developed a skilled professional eye that is able to interpret an event or subject and communicate its meaning through photographs. As a photojournalist I, at times, use words to help narrate the pictures that I have taken. As a photojournalist I am extremely passionate about my work. Photojournalism is more and more being considered by many to be an art. I pride myself in having a good sense of timing and a great eye for detail.          Please click here for more information.
The oppressed adjust to pain.
The oppressor adjust to change.
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